HOW OBS Tutorial Series 2019

The entire screen as you can see like it’s all blank space but it’s technically still a whole screen so you would block that just so you don’t accidentally click on any of it and then select that background too so now we have a very easy five elements combined into one on this scene that we can hide if we want to right away and one single click so that’s a good reason why just for the sake of convenience and just being able to guarantee that the elements are always in the right place because if they weren’t you would come to this scene and move them around and then when you come back here it would be the way you would want it to be everywhere so you could drop this scene onto each one of your other scenes tvmelayu

And know that your bar across the top or bottom or whatever it is is good to go there’s still a few elements left to talk about we’ve got media source where you would pick a video or an audio file tell it where it’s at you want it to loop do you want it to restart when you change to the scene things like that I use those for the arcade pit intros for example you have a video capture device which could be your webcam or your capture card this will also add to your mixer probably when you add that you’ve got a bunch of options in here for this this capture card and webcam here for me video options all of them are resolution kind of things it’s expecting a webcam but a capture card will show up in here too

If you have one so that just about covers all of the elements and the filters you can be really creative with that stuff you can just make a scene in Photoshop if you want but you can certainly do it no b.s – you might have very busy scenes I would advise you to try and keep it coordinated as much as you can seen collections help with that and the last thing I want to show you without delving too much into graphic design balance and all that stuff is what a bad scene look really looks like because i’ve seen quite a few let’s talk about this mess that I made just you know as an example I have seen streams like this before