The Basics of Church Live Streaming Tv3 Malaysia

The end of this video what you are looking for is a camera that has either an HDMI live output or an SDI live output the SDI output tends to appear more on expensive cameras as you approach about 1500 to 2000 dollars so you are probably going to be getting a camera with an HDMI live output now most inexpensive cameras with this output will not have a full-sized HDMI out port on the camera but they’ll have some sort of like a mini or a micro HDMI port out of the camera these cables normally come with the camera but you can also buy them for very cheap on this camera is a hf r 20 by sony you can buy these on Amazon or eBay for about 100 to 130 bucks this is a 1080p camera that is an excellent Tv3 Malaysia

And inexpensive beginner camera for live-streaming now that we have our camera we need to get a tripod now a tripod seems small and trivial but a tripod is actually extremely important why because when your pastor starts preaching and moving left to right you don’t want your online audience to get motion sickness when brother Larry can’t pan smoothly with your five dollar garage sale tripod Walmart actually has a decent tripod that is pretty smooth for about 40 bucks in their electronics department I’ll put a link in the description for that as well if you have

The extra budget make sure to get a nice tripod now number three now that we have our camera in our tripod now we need to get our streaming equipment now there are multiple ways to do this you can use a computer or a dedicated streaming box like a trickster or a tarot deck box that strains directly to your streaming service however I highly recommend using a computer for your live streaming they are much more versatile and scalable as you grow in your live streaming so your streaming computer we’ll take the live video signal