How to Go Tv3 Malaysia LIVE on YouTube with a Computer or Smartphone

The ways we’ve covered so far are great for going live but when it comes to going live on mobile it’s something that we love to do but there’s a few things I recommend I mean I think if you can get like a tripod of some kind to mount your phone on potentially a plug-in microphone that’s either like a lightning plug-in or that goes into your headphone microphone jack on Android or is a few things like that and we actually have a live streaming playlist of some of our best tips some of our best gear that we won’t really cover in this video so if you want to see some of those videos well they come on the youtube card as well as in the description below Tv3 Malaysia

And then one other quick tip for going live is always do an internet speed test before to make sure you’ve got enough speed to actually sustain a live stream my target is about five megabytes per second upload and so from your phone you could go to or use like Google speed test just Google speed test and test it out now if you’re on Wi-Fi and like a home setting or something or an office you should be good to go but even if you’re out on LTE recently in a video influencer shoot we just went live off of the data connection on a Verizon phone and we had plenty of bandwidth we did the speed test we knew we were good to go and it produced a great live stream so again it’ll kill your live stream if there’s interruptions or

The video quality is false sort of falls apart so with mobile make sure you do that speed test ahead of time all right now the fourth way to go live on youtube is with stream now so again if you’re in your creator studio just click on stream now and this is actually the most complex way but it also has the most features and really you can figure this out just block some time to kind of study it out get everything set up right and so when you get inside of this area here you can see you can still do a custom title fill out your description select your category make sure if it’s gonna be public or not and over on